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old lighthouse paphos mini (Zy1, 112k)

Being repaired: the old lighthouse of Páphos.

kings tomb 1 mini (Zy3, 70k)

The kings tombs of Nea Páphos from 300 BC. But there are no kings in the graves, but wealthy people of Cyprus. These Peristylgraves were build in the rocks and under the ground.

rock monastery 1 mini (Zy5, 148k)
mosaic mini (Zy2, 132k)

Mosaic in the House of Dionysos in Káto Páphos.

kings tomb 2 mini (Zy4, 61k)
rock monastery 2 mini (Zy6, 131k)
rock monastery 3 mini (Zy7, 104k)

A must-see is the Neóphytos-Monastery, 10 km north-east of Páphos. Parts of the monastery were built into the rocks.
St. Neóphytos made a cave in the rocks, called Enkleistra, with his own hands 1200 AC.
There are rooms for visitors available.

swimmingpool 1 mini (Zy8, 104k) swimmingpool 2 mini (Zy9, 56k)

Views from my hotel room to the Mediterranean.

bath aphrodite mini (Zy10, 157k)

No swimming: the Bath of Aphrodite.
This fresh water pool is 8 km away from Pólis dieser. Here started the love story between Aphrodite and Akámas.

Visitor's book Frank Kloeppel

Visitor´s book

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