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London: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4

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Tower Bridge mini (L 1, 79k)

The most famous bridge in England: Tower Bridge

Tower of London mini (L 3, 81k)
Big Ben mini (L 4, 79k)

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

London Eye and Aquarium mini (L 7, 79k)

London Eye und Aquarium. The London Eye is a 135 m high giant wheel that needs
a half hour per revolution. It offers a fantastic outlook over London. It is recommended to reserve a ticket early, particularly for the weekend. Approximately 24,- DM/Ticket.

London Eye mini (L 9, 71k)
Buckingham Palace mini

Buckingham Palace. The flag shows that a member of the Royal Family is present.


Visitor's book Frank Kloeppel

Visitor´s book

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Tower Bridge 2 mini (L 2, 93k)

The Tower of London, photographs from shelf of the H.M.S. Belfast.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben mini (L 5, 47k)
London Eye Houses of Parliament mini (L 6, 79k)
London Eye Cabin mini (L 8, 78k)
London Eye filigran mini (L 10, 113k)