London 2/4


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London: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4

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Canadian Tower in twilight mini (L 11, 48k)

In the evening sun: the Canadian Tower (left), Millennium Dome (right).

Millennium Dome Public mini (L 14, 109k)

Impressions from the Millennium Dome.

zero meridian mini (L 16, 96k)

With the left foot in the west, the right foot in the east: on the zero meridian in Greenwich.

Millennium Dome in twilight mini (L 12, 57k)
Millennium Dome mini (L 13, 76k)
Millennium Dome table soccer mini (L 15, 85k)
St Paul_s Cathedral by night 1 mini (L 17, 104k) St Paul_s Cathedral by night 2 mini (L 18, 72k)

St. Paul´s Cathedral by night.

The Camden Market mini (L 19, 109k) The world_s end mini (L 20, 123k)

A busy crowd during a sunday afternoon: the Camden Market with its hundreds  booths.

Sherlock Holmes at Baker Street Station mini (L 21, 122k)

He´s alive: Sherlock Holmes



Visitor's book Frank Kloeppel

Visitor´s book

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The end of the world?

Wish you were here mini (L 22, 28k)

The text expresses my thoughts.