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town hall 1 mini

The neo-gothic Town hall at the Albert Square.

library mini

The Central Library lodges 9 libraries.

entrance chinatown mini

The entrance to Chinatown. In this area you can discover and enjoy many Asian restaurants as well as art stores.

cathedral 1 mini

Most parts of the Cathedral were built between 1422 and 1506. It is situated near Victoria Station.

victoria station mini

Starting point for the trains from the north: Victoria Station.

town hall 2 mini
nuclear free zone mini
roman castle mini

The aged Roman fort, more or less which is left over. It is located in Castlefield, next to the Air and Space Gallery. 

cathedral 2 mini
hotel mini

A hotel in the Old English style, through and through: the Britannia Hotel.

monument industiral revolution mini
Visitor's book Frank Kloeppel

Visitor´s book

Memories at it of Manchester gone out Industrial Revolution.

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